Friday, April 24, 2009

Charles (Vansittart) Vansart - The Man with the Iron Grip

Once a part of Georg Hackenschmidt's "Troupe" of performers, Vansart is thought to be the undeniable champion of grip strength by most Strongman historians.

Probably the most famous feat Charles performed in front of witnesses was when he challenged, and defeated the brutish strongman Cyclops in a closely contested test of grip strength. After easily matching everything Cyclops pulled out of his bag of tricks, Vansart produced a newly purchased tennis ball and tossed it to his opponent that evening. Cyclops, confused, struggled with the ball to no avail. Charles then took the ball and crushed it using only his fingers and palms. It was said that Cyclops was initially very silent, but once it sunk it that he had been defeated by the true master of grip strength he became very humble and congratulated Vansart on his victory.

Bending was another specialty of Charles', and he was able to crush an old school railroad tie with relative ease (and it was said that he did not aide the bend by using his thighs as most modern day "benders" do)

I'm sorthing though more info on Vansart, and will try to have more facts regarding his feats, as well as his measurements up here soon.


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